You're Not On Your Own!

Find a partner who shares same interest as you and get busy doing activities which you like the most. Klubon provides you a platform where you can find your passion and a partner accordingly within your range. Having more than 50+ Activities and Sports you are not going to do your thing alone.


Klubon is for people who have passion for their sports and activities. Log in, to find your favorite sport and activity partner and hang out with them in real and for real. Play your sports. Live your life the way you want it.

How it work?

Login First

After you have downloaded Klubon. Login with a simple one tap either with your Facebook or with your Google account and get started.

Hangout For Real

Like, chat, rate, and review the partners you found. Most importantly, hang out with them in real life!


Select the activities and sports you have passion for or have a desire to play. Now discover the people who share the same interest.

Rate and Review

After you’ve met someone or know someone do rate them for others security. We want everyone to be safe and stay secure.

Awesome Features

Klubon provides a wide range of individual, team, physical and Klubon Special. More than 50+ Sports and Activities to choose from. Activities and Sports that will motivate you to get adventurous.

Basket Ball

Multiplayer Gaming






Klubon’s design is simple and we wanted it to be as friendly as we are. Our user friendly interface provides an easy access to Login, Selecting Sports/Activities, Discover and everything which Klubon has.

pricing plan

Get access to unlimited and special Klubon activities and sports by subscribing to monthly or quarterly or yearly affordably plans!



  • Unlimited Activities and Sports
  • 24/7 Support
  • Money back Guarantee



  • Unlimited Activities and Sports
  • 24/7 Support
  • Money back Guarantee



  • Unlimited Activities and Sports
  • 24/7 Support
  • Money back Guarantee


Klubon is a social app which allows you to find your favorite activity partner within your locality. Download it Sign in Facebook or Google, Set up your profile and get busy doing stuff you like. Download and Discover.

If you honestly have a passion for any activity or sport, this app is for you. It includes physical sports, activities as well as Multiplayer Gaming option provides you a whole range of Top Multiplayer games. You can choose your games and even include how many gamers/partners you have and you can find people who have same count of gamers/partners accordingly and you can contact them and can play matches together. Less is more and more is better.

Well, Some activites and sports are locked and you can unlock them with buying our subscription which is in affordable monthly, quarterly and yearly packages.

Klubon is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can download it for free and enjoy more than 50+ activities and sports by signing in with Google or Facebook.

After you have logged in. You’ll create your profile, select activities according to your interest and passion. Start discovering the Klubber’s near you! Happy Klubon!


You can download the Klubon from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you need our our help you can tap on the following Play Store or App Store button and We’ll take you directly to Klubon.